It was the only trip in 4 years of graduation we had which included both boys and girls thanks to one of our friend who convinced the girl’s parents. There were 7 people initially but at night before departure I somehow convinced two of my best friends to come along. So we three left by car as bus tickets were nit available and rest  by bus.

We left in the morning from Greater Noida which took 2.5hrs to cover 200km via Yamuna Expressway. It was amazing to drive with a little cloudy weather One can stopover in the public conveniences on the way for refreshments.

On reaching we checked in to a hostel close to Taj Mahal named BONEFIRE HOSTEL which was nice and cheap. After a little rest we left to watch the symbol of love TAJ MAHAL.

TAJ MAHAL is one of the seven wonders of the world situated on the banks of Yamuna in Agra, India. Sha Jahan got it built up for his eternal love Mumtaaz. In the main tomb is kept her body. The next we headed from there was to the AGRA FORT.

AGRA FORT had an amazing built up structure and the view from the top of fort was majestic. Make sure to instruct the Autorickshaw driver to drop you at Agra Fort and not the railway station of the same name which is close to the fort.

It was eve and we headed back to the hostel and made arrangements for night party in the small lobby outside the room. One can also enjoy the bonfire on terrace in winters. Then we headed for dinner and on my suggestion entered a restaurant named THALIWALA which other members found quite costly so the situation became a bit embarrassing the way they reacted. I seriously had ni idea something like this would happen. So we just ordered coffee and they had choco milk😶. Then they sat at a dhaba for dinner beside four of us who went to Pind Baluchi for nice dinner as it was the first meal of the day we had so something delicious was must.

The next day we checked out and the three of us returned back to home by our car while picking up the very famous  sweet PETHA. Do buy from the original shop of Panchi Petha Wala and beware of the others claiming that they are original.

All in all the trip was amazing and costed us 1600 per pax including stay, car fuel, dinner and some misc expenses excluding the sweets.