Some people would find this a long story but one must read it.

It was March 23rd 2016 when after fully enjoying the festival of colours “Holi” and completely tired me and my brother were going to bed at 3 in the noon. Just before mr brother was about to sleep I told my brother that we have still 5 days until our next sessional exam so lets plan some trip. As he knows that i always talk about going on a trip he casually said “we’ll think once we wake up. Just take a sleep now.” Thinking about weather he will go or not i went too sleep. To the curiosity i woke up at 5 in the eve and awaken my brother ( for which i had to make tea the best way to wake him up). Luckily, he woke up and agreed for the trip. Now, the question was Where and When to leave and transport.

As i was a lot excited somehow make him and the family agree to leave the same day in an hour i.e around 6:30 PM the place was yet to be decided.While on the way to bus stand (kashmere gate, Delhi) we agreed to reach the bus stop and take a bus going to anywhere in Himachal or Rajasthan. On reaching we found that the ticket counter for Rajasthan was closed and shifted to other bus stand which was about an hour from here.Also the person at the Himachal counter was not present and no one was there to answer were he is.So meanwhile waiting for him to come we searched for some hotels in Manali and Jaipur and found manali to be expensive because of huge tourist going there so we finalised Jaipur as our destination and left for the other bus stand ( Bikaner House). When the rickshaw driver dropped us we were a bit frightened because it was quite spooky and we could not see any buses on the so called bus stand ( There was a government building named bikaner house which did  not turned out to be the bus stand). After a little exploration we entered a street and luckily found the stand. Took the tickets for the last bus that is at 12:00 AM so as to reach Jaipur by around 6 in the morning. Waited 2 hrs. to board the bus and reached at 4:00 AM whcih we were avoiding.

Day 1

So finally we reached. First we looked some hotels near the Sindhi Bus stand where we were dropped which were shown by a local dealer roaming there but didn’t find what we were looking for. So booked a hotel on makemytrip , called a cab, went to the location as per google map and adding to our adventure we entered a  dark street full of low class houses and there was no hotel. So to save our money on cab we asked him to leave on the main street. After walking we found what we were looking for but no rooms were available. We walked for another 20 mins saving ourself from a herd of street dogs we finally at 5:30 AM we found what we had earlier booked online ( Maziz prime). It was a nice decent one and we paid 1000 bucks for that with complementary breakfast. Slept, woke, breakfast after freshen up and checked out of the hotel. Visited Hawa Mahal, city palace. Had lunch at nearby Dhaba.Visited the planetarium. By the eve we looked for a new hotel and booked online. Reached hotel at 6:00 PM. After a little rest went down for dinner at Thali Wala restaurant  which was unlimited for 150 bucks and tasty too. After little exploring the market we went back to the rooms for rest to face the next days adventure.

Day 2

After heavy complimentary breakfast we left for the a visit to the Ice world and it was a nice experience in -6॰ celsius. We were done by the noon  after shopping and had a burger to spend less and with nothing to do we went to the airport which was 1 km from there. Just for fun we asked at the counter for cheapest flight from there and they suggested Goa for 8000 bucks so we quietly left and came out of the airport. Booked a hotel close to the previously booked which we decided the earlier night( OM Tower ) at 1400bucks . Checked in and after a mean while had dinner in the hotels revolving restaurant though was costly ( 400 buck for a dal ).

Day 3 

Checked out after a nice breakfast and checked in to another hotel aa we had no intentions to return back with still 3 days of holiday left. Trips best we had stayed ( Royal Orchid ) on the Tonk road for 1200 bucks a 4 star property. .Enjoyed the dominos pizza late in the noon for lunch as the restaurant  was too costly. Ate so much that had to skip the dinner.Spent the eve on the rooftop pool with amazing views.

Day 4 

Woke up. Looked for a new hotel nearby. Went for breakfast as time was running and then headed to the pool. Checked out and headed to other hotel ( The Theme ) for merely 700 bucks  executive room    With breakfast. Spent the day in the room having spectacular view of the airport. Party in the eve. Checked out at night to return back as next day was the exam else would have stayed more until were over with 20k bucks we initially had. Took a bus at 11 PM after dinner at the same Thali Wala we previously had.

Overall it was a nice experience exploring all new city without any prior plans that to luxuriously in a low budget.

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