#RideChampion : Danisha Dann aka Bikerni

Age : 24 years

Profession : Quality Engineer

Her Ride : KTM Duke 390

Long tresses, beautiful kohled eyes, sporting her boots. She took off her head gear and gave that notorious smile. God! She is beautiful!! Danisha is the fifth member of our riding gang who successfully completed their 4,500 kms ride from Bangalore to Jammu via Leh Ladakh. Inspired by her daddy dearest who once rode from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and did not let her touch his bike ever. She bought her bike and gave wings to her dream of being a woman-rider. Now, it’s her bird (a KTM Duke 390), her biking accessories and herself who enjoy each others company alone!!


Her bird : KTM Duke390

The Girl-Power! 

In a country like India, girls do not have much right on their own lives, Danisha chose to show the world that girls aren’t just meant to look pretty. A qualified fashion designer and Quality engineer by profession, our Bikerni has always been in love with her riding life. “ I have been fascinated with all the guy stuff since forever. Like, I would prefer a rider’s jacket than a fancy party dress. I have given quite a competition to the male riders.” She narrates with a wink.



Believe in oneself!

When the world stereo-typically presented her as a GIRL, who ISN’T STRONG enough to complete  such a strenuous adventure, she has victoriously turned them down. The world will say what it has always believed, but what matters is your perception and belief in yourself. “You won’t see many women following their dreams, but only working towards living up to others expectations. I believed in my passion and was able to tick off this one dream that have had since forever! I do not do it to demean anyone, but to prove the strength a woman beholds in herself. It’s time we to let us break-free forever!!”  Says our strong Biker-woman.

The Journey

Unlike the world, her family and ride-gang have been the biggest support throughout. While the world said she couldn’t, THEY said SHE WILL. No wonder, she could prove them to be right. She scheduled her workouts at the gym, went on weekly rides extending to 450 to 500 kms a day near Bangalore and put herself to a test every now and then. Thus, a SHE-CHAMPION was born! “The journey has been very special. As I have been able to fulfill a dream of doing this ride, I have turned myself into a tougher being.” Shares Danisha.

#OurWorldDanishasWay : Believe in what you want to do in life, THAT turns you to a WINNER!


Dear Danisha,

You have just not been a rider, but have been an inspiration for many girls who aren’t ALLOWED to follow THEIR dreams. We hope, they may gather all their might to believe in themselves and achieve what they ought to. Life isn’t a bed of roses, but it surely isn’t that impossible to prove our worth to the world! We THANK YOU for sharing your experience about this ride of your life’ that has probably made the world envious, but has become a strength to many young girls like those reading this blog and are now determined to follow their heart.

Hold on..even the gang want to say a bit..

Mohan : Girls ride scooty,Dio, activa. If a girl is riding a Duke 390 for 4,500 kms, that can only be you Danisha! 🙂

Prithvi : An absolute Tomboy who won’t complaint ever!! YOU are amazing!

Rakesh : Most experienced lady rider I ever met!! Hats off to you Ladyl!

Chethan : You are the best woman rider I have ever seen!

Keep your spirits high!!

We love you to the core for being YOU!!

Our World My Way