Planning to go to countries with Visa requirements?

First, what you need to do is to check on the necessary documents that are required to be submitted when applying for a visa.

As for my experience, I checked on accredited travel agencies that are allowed to process Japan Visa.

Since it’s my first time to apply, I made sure I have completed all the requirements before going to the agency. All the details that you need can be found on Japan Embassy’s website. List of the accredited agencies is also available in the website.

I chose Reli Tours Agency which is located at SM Megamall, 5th Floor, Bridgeway because its more accessible for me. I dropped by first to check the place if it really exists. Then I saw that there are many people in the office, I went inside and asked for the list of documents to be submitted. This is just to make sure I didn’t miss any. I went at the agency for the second time with the documents with me, around 4pm which is no longer peak hours. I had my visa application processed for around 30 minutes including the checking of requirements to interview and payment. Processing fee costs Php 950.00.

You will be given 3-5 working days for the processing of your visa. The Agency will contact you once your passport is already available for pick-up. Note that you will only know the status of your application once you picked-up your passport.

TIPS: make sure you have all the documents to avoid inconvenience.

Here is the list of requirements for applying tourist visa:

1.  Your passport – make sure it has a validity of six months.
2.  Visa Application Form
3.  Photo for the Visa application
4. Birth Certificate – Authenticated by NSO, requested same year of your visa   application.
5. Your itinerary – details of your trip.
6. Bank Certificate – this is a letter coming from your bank stating your bank balance and Average daily balance. I paid Php 100.00 for the certificate
7. Recent BIR Income Tax Return (ITR 2316)

My Visa was approved for single entry. It is advisable to have your visa three months before your travel period to make sure it will be processed on time.


My single entry visa (blurred the confidential details)