Recently loving red. My dress here was given to me by my mom and she got it from a thrift shop. Yep! The truth is she is the one addicted to buying clothes and accessories. Sometimes she surprises me. From the last time I checked, she didn’t want me wearing sleeveless nor spaghetti strapped but now she buys me this.

But no bluffing aside, it is too cute!

It is perfectly suited for our day tour in Marian Orchard. This is the second day for our Batangas getaway.


P25 -Jeepney from Cuenca to Lipa

P7 – Jeepney from Lipa to Caltex, Malabanan

P50 – Tricycle from Caltex, Malabanan  to Marian Orchard

Each ticket costs P50.00 only! It would be your discretion if you will pay more. Besides, it is a Catholic association and if you wouldare like to know more about their mission, visit their official website: or you can check out their FB Page.

They have there a merchandise of Catholic items like rosaries, keychains with Saints and the like, and some snacks.


Better to go there with fullstomach if you will just have a day tour but I can say that you can have your family day there. After visiting the church and touring around the park, you can have your picnic. It is just a peaceful place and it is an open ground where kids can play without you worrying. It is also an ideal tourist place for the Holy Week. A whole ground was allocated just for the 14 Stations of the Cross.

By the way, the first day of our Batangas getaway  is in Shercon Resort and Ecology Park. Click link to check it out! 😊👌