​If during the times when I was still a student, school was my second home; this time it is the office.

If my primary home in Manila is composed of guys, my secondary home is dominated by girls.

After alot of drawings and plans, we finally had something polished and done haha. These are common terms in us, millenials. We will come to ideas, suggestions and wants. We will research on getaways and squad goal poses, tag our friends in travel and promos, agree and conduct a headcount but the nearer the day comes, the more withdraws. It is as if a ‘The One Last Standing’.

Since one of us is living in Batangas, we decided to just have a day tour in Shercon Resort, which I think is a wise plan because the resort is fully-booked. Truly, when we got there, there are a lot of guests. There are a lot of events too- team buildings, pre-nups, reunions and various celebrations. So if you are planning to experience this ecology park, book now! Check out their page for queries: Shercon Resort and Ecology Park


P94 – Bus from Alabang Town Center  to Tambo, Batangas

P17 – Jeepney from Tambo to Rose Lomi House

Batangas is known with their Lomi

P7 – Jeepney from Rose Lomi House to Mataas Na Kahoy

P13 – Tricycle to Shercon Resort

Free brewed coffee 😊