Mongpong Island

Sometimes, its better to have things unplanned…

I, together with my long-time travel buddies have some places in mind to visit. Some of them are still part of our bucket-list.

Originally, the plan is to go to Sorsogon in Bicol since its a long weekend (National Heroes Day) but due to some things to consider such as the rainy weather and of course the waves, we cancelled it.

Since we want to push through with the trip, Vin look for events asking for joiners, so we end up joining this. Maniwaya Island, it is! Still in our bucket list with good weather condition. Yey!

We joined the event hosted by Sabit Wanderer, below is the itinerary.

Maniwaya Island, Palad Sandbar, Ungab Rock Formation and Mongpong Island

Day 0: Friday, August 26 2016
10:00pm Assembly in Mc Donalds, Starmall in Mandaluyong
11:00pm Departure from Manila to Quezon (Gen. Luna Port)

Day 1: Saturday, August 27, 2016
06:00am ETA in Maniwaya Island
07:00am Breakfast/Trip To Palad Sand Bar (if low tide in the morning)
11:00am Lunch
02:00pm Lots of chill time [swimming/volleyball/sun bathing/]
07:00pm Dinner / Socials
11:00pm Lights Out

Day 2 Sunday August 28, 2016
0600am Breakfast / Relax time
0900am Trip to Ungab Rock Formation
1100am Pack up time
0100pm ETD FROM Maniwaya Island to Gen. Luna Port
1000pm ETA Manila

We are all glad that the weather is good, waves are not against us. Hahaha!
We were able to see the beauty of Palad Sand Bar, visited Mongpong Island and the famous Ungab rock formation.

What made this trip special is that we were able to gain new friends sharing the same passion of travelling. Thanks to Sir Aldwin for being our chef and its such a nice feeling celebrating JP’s birhtday as well! Definitely another one for the books!