Sapa is one of my favourites places in Vietnam. I could even say, in Asia. I’ve been there many times and as well worked there for three weeks(in one of Hostels I have worked for in Hanoi). Today discover an amazing Sapa with me.

As Northern Vietnam has all four seasons, I recommend to visit it in summertime. However Late spring or late summer is ok as well. In summer the weather is very nice, and fresh breeze will make you enjoy it one hundred percent! You can make trekking tours-organised by many tourist offices, you can go for a homestay trek with Hmong tribe families or organize it by yourself.

Today I will talk about easiest way to go around Sapa. Grab a motorbike, it will take only couple of hours!

Leave Sapa city center, head towards Lao Cai village. At some point you will have to turn around and try to go back to Sapa(do not go all the way to Lao Cai). On the way back(to Sapa) you will see the sign: Sapa 3km/ Sapa 13km. Tkae the route of 13km! This will lead you up to the city through the mountain, with an incredible views of green rice fields and Lao Cai valley. Take a slow ride enjoying every single view. 13km in two hours? Yes, cos you gonna stop every 5min to enjoy the view and take epic photos!

Enjoy it!