Just take your lighter leather jacket, they said. It’s almost spring, they said.

The free walking tour I found this morning was all fine and good (a little cold and rather long, but fine and good) until the guide ended the tour after 3 hours of walking in a random location, everyone clapped and scattered, and then I was left with the challenge of finding my way back to my hostel, when all the while I hadn’t been paying a great of amount of attention on the tour, rather just people-watching (giving myself a tour of the men of Denmark) and sending hilarious snaps (all the Danish puppies and some funny statues) but, after an hour of aimlessly wandering and a few stops at Irish pubs I saw on the way, I have made it back, in one piece, happy and learnt, changed for the better. Worldly. Ready. Sort of still shivering but down. Show tonight at 8pm at Urban House here in København.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

We should all move to København. Well, maybe not all at once, as that would greatly affect their population density and the economy would implode, famine would kill us all, I digress. Gradually we should work towards living here, one day, if only in mindset.

It’s lovely here and it’s cold. It’s fresh and it’s new and the air smells like falling snow and I’m mostly invisible, which I am enjoying immensely.

When you ask someone how they’re doing, you’re more likely to get a unique response that doesn’t include the word “fine.” It’s my second day at this cafe and they greeted me by name. My roommates are two school teachers from Canada and a musician from London, who I hit it off with immediately. Yesterday, I got on a train from the airport on a whim, just hoping it was the right one, and the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life made room for me, chatted about travels with me, offered to carry my bag for me (I couldn’t let him, because I live in NYC, you don’t hand over your personal items, he seemed disappointed) and then used his cell service to walk me to my hostel.

Can you even imagine someone doing that in Manhattan, or is the very thought of it too unrealistic to fathom??

Everyone says this is the happiest country in the world, and they’re not lying. People are smiling without using their face. Everyone is comfortable. Everyone is chill. And not just because they’re cold. They all have nicer jackets than I do. They live here.

The quaintness and quiet is lovely. I feel that I can hear my thoughts clearer,  but that may only be in my head. (Haha)

I begin my residency tonight, performing for travelers and locals alike at this beautiful hostel/bar/tattoo shop/community garden/artistic oasis called Urban House and everyone seems so adorably excited to have a “musician” about the place. I just continue to be shocked at being referred to as a musician at all and I hope to keep fooling people for a long time to come. I will, however, continue to put the term in quotations in an effort to lessen my own personal existential anxieties. Demons? None here. Those are outlawed in København, Denmark. 2 more days here, Amsterdam Saturday.

More later.