Recently, I had the opportunity to make one of my travel dreams come true (finding cheap tickets helps!) by visiting the fabulous London, England. When traveling internationally, visitors may have certain expectations or a visual in their mind of what they will experience which is certainly normal. My personal expectations were exceeded as I participated in many of the amazing tourist opportunities this spacious city has to offer. And let me be clear; in no way am I ever ashamed to label myself a tourist.

One of my first impressions of London was how fashionably people dressed. Perhaps its a odd thing to notice but its true. You can’t help but gain the desire to dress yourself in a chic Burberry coat and scarf while aimlessly walking about the city in your stylish rain boots. Another impression I eventually established was that the coffee seemed to be much tastier compared to the coffee in the United States. Which makes me wonder if others feel this way or am I just crazy? I will tell you this, I drank more coffee in a day during my visit than at any other time in my life. London oh London, I really enjoyed my 10 days with you. Walking down brick paved side streets, popping in and out of book shops, endless latte’s, and stylish shopping felt like a London fog laced dream but it was infact, reality. I look forward to my return and future explorations to the other brilliant and beautiful parts of the United Kingdom.

It will be difficult to share my recommendations because truth be told anything and everything London has to offer is wonderful. But now that you are curious about the keen sense of fashion, incredible coffee and allured by the fog let me give you a few suggestions.

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Now, for my London recommendations …

1. Lodging – A quick Home Away search will provide an endless amount of options but let me get specific and recommend finding a flat/apartment in the Covent Garden District. You will be within walking distance of anything and everything imaginable. You will also be delighted by the bustling about and endless amount of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

2. Be a Tourist – Take a ride on the Tube; go see London Bridge; walk to Big Ben; ride the London Eye; take a tour of the city on one of the famous Double Decker buses and by all means, get your picture taken in a classic red telephone booth.

3. Take in a Show – While in London I went to see Les Miserables at the Queens Theater and it was beyond fabulous! The city boasts a variety of shows including dramas and comedies. Here is a little tip – Buy tickets at any ticket vendor closer to the show date. You can get tickets for up to half off. I did!

4. Visit Sky Garden – Before visiting London I had never heard of Sky Garden. A local friend made a reservation for me weeks in advance and I would suggest you do the same. Its free! Once you get to the top you will find the most incredible city views of London! There are also wonderful places to grab a bite to eat, have a cocktail, or coffee.

5. Enjoy Afternoon Tea – Anything you could possibly desire, London will have it! But if you want something a bit more traditional I would suggest Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea also known as high tea is a meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening and includes a cooked dish bread and butter and of course, tea. http://www.

Please share with me your upcoming travel plans or if you have visited London. Also, let me know if you have used FareDepot in the past and what your experience was like. I would love to hear from you!