I only got very little sleep the night before I flew from Dublin to Edinburgh. My plane left around 6.30 am, so I had to get up around 4 am. The Hostel I stayed in, organized an airport transport, which I was really glad about. I chose to fly this early because it was the cheapest flight. I payed around 10 pounds (No baggage included). I fell asleep on the plane even before it started while it was still pitch black night and woke up right before the landing when the sun was shining through the window.

Being for the first time in Scotland, I tried to take in as much as possible from the landscape during the bus ride to the city center. I was already completely fascinated. I was really tired and all I wanted was dropping off my heavy bags in the Hostel but when I got there, everything was closed and no one was there. I dailed the number from the Hostel and they told me that I should come back in about 2 hours. Because I didn’t want to carry my bags around I went to a Café to eat breakfast and get some urgently needed coffein in my circulation. So I went back to the Hostel after about 2 hours and there was still no where. I called them again and they told me I need to come to the other Hostel because this one is closed for the weekend. I was already annoyed but when I arrived at the other Hostel they told me that they don’t know about me and had to make some phone calls first. At the end luckily everything worked out fine and I was finally able to drop my bags off and hit town.


P1000356.JPGEdinburgh Castle

P1000362.JPGOld Town

On my last day in Edinburgh I decided to take a trip to the beach (Easy to reach by bus). The place is called Portobello (see pictures above). While the place itself is nothing special, the sea promenade is even cuter and cooler. On my other days I just walked around a lot. There is so much to see. So many little streets and old buildings.

For a rainy day I recommend to visit the National Museum of Scotland. They have something for everyone, whether you’re interested in animals, technology, astronomics or culture.

I fell in love with Edinburgh. Hard. This city is so beautiful. I was really sad when I had to leave, sitting in the bus to Glasgow.