The only reason I found out about this cute little town is, because I was looking up ferries to Dublin.

I traveled by train from Liverpool to Holyhead, with a quick change of trains in Chester. The landscape from Chester onawards was simply amazing. For the first time after a year, I was finally seeing the sea again.

In Holyhead I’ve booked the cutest hotel, called “The Beach Hut”. It was right down at the marina.File_005 (29).jpeg

After unloading my bags in the hotel, I started walking along the coast and just kept walking and walking and walking. I lost track over time but when I realized, for how long I was walking, the sun already started to dissapear.File_000 (37).jpegFile_003 (33).jpegP1000271.JPGP1000275.JPGP1000263.JPG

It was extremely windy and when the sun started to go down I made my way back to town.

There’s really not a lot to do in Holyhead but I would have loved to stay longer. It was such a relaxing and sleepy but still romantic little town. Sadly, I had to leave the day after. I have never imagined to like and enjoy it there so much but Holyhead has a special place in my heart now.