We all know that the USA is a huge country, but this also means that it is massively diverse in every aspect from the people to the scenery, from architecture to food and even music.

I’ve always had a dream of visiting all 50 states, but even if this was achieved I would never truly experience all of what this country has to offer.

Therefore, I have picked 10 US cities I would love to visit (and amazing Instagram photos)

New York, New York

Who doesn’t have New York on their list of places they want to visit?  From it’s tall skyscrapers to inner-city parks and gardens, from it’s bustling streets to it’s museums and galleries. New York is a city of fascinating contradictions that need thoroughly exploring.


Image: austin_paz

San Francisco, California

There’s always been something about San Francisco that has drawn me to it, I’m not sure whether it’s the eclectic neighbourhoods, or it’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, or Alcatraz Island, but one things is for sure: I can’t wait to eventually visit there.


Image: lastlightbender

Boston, Massachusetts

If I’m completely honest, if I had to pick just one US city to visit, I would pick Boston. There just seems to be something completely familiar about this city, almost a home away from home.


Image: brianmcw

Portland, Maine

Most travel articles seem to feature Portland, Oregon – whereas I am much more interested in visiting it’s east-coast namesake. That scenery is too stunning and breath-taking not to be viewed at least once in a lifetime.


Image: aahventures

Nashville, Tennessee

If like me, you like a bit of country music you can’t not be enticed by the pull of Nashville.


Image: captnjackydaniels

Chicago, Illinois

Like Boston, this is another city that I have always felt looked particularly familiar and exciting to visit.


Image: laurenheidijackson

Las Vegas, Nevada

There has to be more to this city than, casinos, strippers, and large neon signs – and I would love to find it for myself.


Image: jaja_0123

New Orleans, Lousiana

This is the city that seems to have the biggest cultural leap and that’s just one reason why I would love to visit, alongside, stunning buildings, beautiful scenery and it’s infamous festivals.


Image: boringb_photo

Wilmington, Vermont

I have a confession – Wilmington isn’t a city. However, it’s stunning and I want to go there so I’m listing it anyway.


Image: shamish59

Aspen, Colorado

Ok, so again this isn’t a city,  but with snow covered mountains, log cabins and incredible wildlife, how could this place not be on your list of places to visit.


Image: bishopjosh

Have you been to the USA? Are you due to visit the USA?

How do you narrow down where to visit and where would you love to go in the future