On a recent glorious So Cal day, a close friend from Santa Barbara suggested we spend an afternoon touring Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone with Eat This, Shoot That!, a food and photography tour.  Eat This, Shoot That! is the brainchild of Tara Jones, a college photography teacher and local foodie, who decided to blend her two passions, offering the choice of two tours through the Funk Zone and the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail. Our three hour tour of the Funk Zone started at Mony’s Mexican Food for street tacos and followed a leisurely pace down Anacapa St. to Stearns Wharf, stopping at various local eateries, wineries and bars sampling some of the best that Santa Barbara and its thriving food scene has to offer.


Chicken tacos from Mony’s served with (left to right) peanut, pistachio and avocado salsas.

After Mony’s we walked to Figueroa Mountain Brewery to sample one of the 14 craft brews on tap.  Around the corner at The Lucky Penny pizzeria, we ordered an Open-Faced Mexican Burrito, a pizza celebrating Santa Barbara’s Mexican heritage that is covered with tomatillo sauce, fingerling potatoes, Oaxaca cheese, chorizo, cilantro, and topped with a fried egg.  I think the idea was to fill us up before we hit the Riverbench tasting room for American Sparkling Wine and toffee from Koval Confections.  The bubbles just barely hit our stomach before we entered Cutler’s Artisan Spirits to sip artisanal vodka, gin, and bourbon whisky.  While I understand this may change soon, the tour currently ends on Stearns Wharf at The Santa Barbara Shellfish Company for Channel Island Rock Shrimp Ceviche and wine tasting at Deep Sea Winery.  Along the way, our tour guide, Graham, a Brooks Institute college graduate, offered tidbits of Santa Barbara history as well as tips for food photography.  It is a lovely way to spend the afternoon for tourists and locals alike.


Tasting a flight of craft brews at Figueroa Mountain Brewery.



Open-Faced Mexican Burrito from the Lucky Penny.


Riverbench Tasting Room


Sparkling Wine from Riverbench.


Hand crafted confections from Cassie Koval.


Add some bling to your party with these festive bottles from Riverbench.


Cutler’s Artisans Spirits, Santa Barbara’s First Legal Distillery


Wine tasting at Deep Sea Tasting Room


Beautiful Santa Barbara

Hope you are finding inspiration this weekend!  xoM


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