Ghosts… Do you believe or not?? It is a highly controversial topic with so many unexplainable stories, photos and video footages. Half of the photos are probably fake, and it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t anymore. The only way to be sure for yourself is actually experiencing something, but this is maybe one of the most terrifying ideas.

I have always been a sucker for ghost stories, someone would tell me one and I wanted more, I would spend that evening googling crazy stories. I would then spend the rest of the night hiding under my duvet because I was so scared of the shadow the pile of clothes on my chair would cast onto my wall (they look so humanlike sometimes).

To celebrate my last birthday, Ben organized for us to go on a ghost tour of Manly Q Station. So the Q Station was a quarantine camp used between 1830 – 1984 to stop the migrants arriving in ships spreading contagious diseases to the locals in Sydney. Migrants would be sorted into sick and healthy and then put into a quarantine for on average 40 days. After the 40 days, if they were still sick the quarantine would begin again. The most common diseases included small pox, Spanish Influenza and the Bubonic plague. The amount of pain, suffering and deaths at this site, there is no wonder why people claim it is haunted!

Up until our arrival I was buzzing, I was so excited! And then I got there and the atmosphere is so intense I was terrified. I kept asking Ben if we could just go home. The ghost tour takes place late in the evening, it is pitch black apart from the buildings eerily lit up. (If you want to visit but don’t like the idea of the darkness, history tours take place during the day).


The tour started with our guide giving us some background information and explaining a few guidelines. How to react if you experience anything was the most important – apparently a lot of people panic, forget to breath and a few have actually passed out! She asked if anyone in the group had done the tour before, to which one terrified girl said she had. She was white as a ghost, clearly didn’t want to be there and explained some of the things she had experienced 2 years before. This wasn’t a good sign and my fears were mounting. We were all given oil lanterns and led to our first building.

The first building is two conjoined outbuildings with big wooden barn doors. Our group was split into two, each group was sent into one of the rooms with the heavy door slamming behind them. No explanation was given for why we were here or what these buildings where, only that we would be locked in our respective rooms for 1 minute, to keep still and silent. One minute felt more like 5, there was a sense of unease and some strange smells. Ben kept his eyes open, whilst I buried my head in his arm the whole time…


The sound of the door being unlocked made a few people jump in this silent room. We all left the room, some faster than others. No one was to speak to one another. In silence the two groups switched rooms and the activity was repeated. Room 2 was still dark and eerie, but didn’t have the same uneasy atmosphere.

Before being given an explanation for this exercise, we were all asked if anyone experienced anything. People had felt as though someone was standing in front of them, others had smelt strange things. We didn’t experience anything other than being scared! The reason behind it was to allow us to feel the difference in atmospheres between two rooms. The first room where most people at least felt uneasy was claimed to be home to a regular ghost. The second where people felt more comfortable in rarely had any activity.

Next up was the old hospital. The patient’s beds were still there. It was pretty creepy. We were instructed to sit on a bed each (I was too scared to leave Bens side so we shared a bed). After a minute or so, I started to feel a slight pricking in the middle of my hand but soon forgot about that until our guide explained how the matron who haunted the hospital had a habit of pricking people with her ‘needle’. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. People then started to tell the guide they could see a strange shadow on the wall behind our bed. HOLY S**T.


The guide got out her EMF reader which started to bleep around us. I literally wanted to run as far away from that place as I could. This was real and it was happening. Unless the other people on the tour where in on the act, this was legit.

There was a cupboard at the other end of the room. The room was silent; everyone was on edge. Then the door to the cupboard opened. If the hinges didn’t squeak whilst opening I don’t think anyone would have noticed. Annoyingly there was a group of guys on the tour who thought of themselves to be proper lads. Up they got off their beds to investigate the door. Before they got too close it slammed shut filling the silent room with a bang and these ‘brave’ guy’s footsteps running back to their beds.


Thankfully, it was time to leave the hospital and venture into one of the Doctors living quarters. The girl I mentioned previously who had done the tour refused to go in this room. When she came before, in this room she said she saw a demonic looking man sitting in the corner of the living room on a chair. After going into another room terrified, she claims he appeared again inches away from her face. Our guide stayed outside with the scared girl, and gave us the EMS reader to explore the house for ourselves.

The inside of the wardrobe in the bedroom would set off the reader. The lights would flash like crazy. The ‘brave’ guys managed to get hold of the EMS reader and started asking it questions, telling it to answer by lighting up the reader to which it did. These guys weren’t respectful, which is the first guideline we were told when we arrived. Even having the courtesy of ‘asking’ permission of the ghost before taking photos was advised. It was time for us to move onto another room, and leave the guys to it. We came across the living room, and the exact chair in the corner the scared girl had explained seeing the demonic man.  Luckily we saw no such thing!


One of our last stops was a sheltered area outside the men’s dorms. We all crowded around to hear the interesting stories of the men who inhabited these beds! I felt my hair get pulled, so looked behind me to give my evil eyes to the ‘brave’ guys mucking around but no one was behind me. Shivers up my spine again. Without me saying anything, our guide got onto a story of one of the men who lived here who got himself a reputation of liking the blonde girls. He had a thing for their long, white hair. UHHHHHHHHHH.  I am blonde, I have long hair, and my hair just got pulled by someone or something.

I’m not going to spoil the whole tour for you guys, so I have missed out quite a few of the buildings along with stories and other people’s experiences. If you decide to go to any of these haunted places, the experience will be far better if it hasn’t been influenced by other people’s stories already told to you. Since taking a ghost tour at the Q station, we have been on a few others at different locations but this one will always feel the most real. Despite being scared out of my mind, I would do it again if I had the opportunity.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether these experiences we had were just freak coincidences, our minds playing tricks on us or legit paranormal activity! We’d love to know what you guys think in the comments, and if you know of any haunted places we must check out please let us know!

Two Traveling Texans