When I touched down in Auckland it very much reminded me of Melbourne, except less graffiti and art everywhere. One woman I was talking to in Melbourne airport said Auckland is known as the city of all seasons, that’s what they say about Melbourne too! I can see why, the first day was cloudy, second day was boiling and third day was raining! Auckland is a lovely city, easy to get about, not too big but to be honest there isn’t an awful lot going on. Then again, I haven’t had the chance to properly explore, I’m sure there is plenty to do if you’re looking for it and venture a little further than the city centre. I’ve heard the islands are nice to do but unfortunately I spent two days sleeping thanks to jet lag. I did go up Mt Eden which was lovely and you can get great views of the city and the surrounds, that was worth doing and it was free! Well $3 for the bus! I also met up with an old friend, it’s crazy how you don’t see someone for years then meet up with them on the other side of the world!!

My original plan was to stay in Auckland for a week but everyone told me I would want out after 3 days, I thought they would be wrong but after 3 days I’m ready to leave. I cannot wait to explore other areas of New Zealand, to see all the scenery, create amazing memories and do fun activities.

These past few days have gone really quick, it’s my last night in Auckland before heading out on my kiwi experience bus in the morning, I’ll be heading up north – to the beach!!

How I’m feeling right now… its taken a few days to settle in and get used to being on my own, although I have met some lovely people! I’m still homesick and would really love my bed right now but I’m sure that feeling will pass once I get exploring. My mind isn’t in ‘traveller mode’ yet, I haven’t had the sense of ‘backpacking’, but I’m sure I’ll get that once I start moving around and meeting new friends.