I asked myself the first question, do I see myself ever bearing a child or wanting children of my own? It took me a few days to answer this, but the decision I had made was a no. I do not want to bear my own children. Some egg donors do want their own children and they are willing to help others create a family. I chose not to bear any children for many personal reasons. Having children wouldn’t fit into the lifestyle I see myself continuing with. I rather adopt children that are unwanted, abused, or mistreated. I can go into a deep monologue of why I chose never to bear my own children. But, that isn’t what the article is about. This article is about how donating my eggs contributes to my travels.

As you all know in my previous articles I had wrote that I donate my eggs. Not the eggs I purchase from a farmers market or a local grocery store, but the eggs that are genetically inclined to my ovaries.

At first I donated for the compensation and I understand that does sound bad. How would anyone donate their genetics for a lump sum of money?! Well, I do it because it was a good thing to do and it was the right thing to do. The first donation I was compensated I used my funds to help pay off a small fraction of the debt I owed to society. When the second donation came around I knew exactly what I was going to do. I knew this time I had to leave. I left three weeks shortly afterward my second donation. I was compensated nine thousand and two hundred dollars for my second egg donation. That money had changed my life forever. When you become a traveler you do any means necessary to survive. You don’t splurge, you eat pasta for days or weeks, and you preserve. You do things that are free and cheap. I knew nine thousand dollars wasn’t going to be enough money for a luxurious trip. I did however knew it was going to be a life changing trip and you cannot put a price tag on it. egg-donor

“I never understood a sense of stability. When I am so close to some type of stable life, I panic. But, its time not to fight it anymore. I am a traveler and always will be.”

I gave up 37 of my eggs in total; some of them probably died, some of them frozen, and some of them conceived a beautiful child. I donate again for my third time April 2017, which is only two months away. The procedure is not complex or rigorous, it’s actually quite quick and a tad bit inconvenient. I sacrifice a part of me and in return I make my dreams come true. I went to Scandinavia and Europe. I saw the Eiffel tower and the Colosseum in Rome. I drank penny beers in Germany while eating schnitzel. I saw where Harry Potter runs into a wall at King’s Crossing in London. I bathed in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I went hiking in the most beautiful mountains of Norway. I had zero expectations for my first walk about into the world.

“My dreams became my reality.”

When you have a dream you would sacrifice everything to make it come true. If you sacrifice something of yourself for someone else to have their dreams come true, then you’re invincible. No negativity can touch you, there is no one in this world to tell you differently, and there are no regrets of the things you sacrifice most for your dreams to come true. There will be people who might knock you down and they will push you to no ends. But, at the end of the day you will know who you are. Fight for your own happiness even if others dwell. Sacrifice what you have and it will get you a step closer toward your dreams. You will be rewarded with enriching life. I give life to couples who want a family and in return I get to embrace who I really am. I’m Emily Anne Nickerson, I am a traveler, go getter, and seeker of the world we live in. I do anything possible to make my dreams come true disregarding what anyone has to say because one day all of this will be gone. Embrace who you are and never settle for something less then you deserve. As King Leonidas stated, “No retreat, no surrender. That is Spartan law. And by Spartan law, we will stand and fight… and die. A new age has begun: an age of freedom!”